List of Co-operatives to source Quality Natural Organic Fashion

  1. Barkha’s Custom Sourcing – Barkha’s Custom Sourcing is an eco-textile development and sourcing company that specializes in custom development and sourcing of sustainable and organic textiles and products. The company works only withGOTS certified organic cotton mills, handloom weavers using sustainable fibres and Fair Trade or Fair Labour companies based in India, Nepal and the US.


  1. Jacob’s WellWith 23 years of experience in the ethical fashion and textile industry Jacobs Well is an established fair trade fashion production facility in India that is governed and supported by a committed UK team. Within India’s rich cultural context, they provide rewarding employment with a strong emphasis on training and personal development for the staff and their families and are long-standing members of the fair trade movement in India. If you are an international company or emerging, independent designer Jacobs Well can provide a complete “turnkey” consultancy service, from assisting with product development to overseeing a design from conception through to production.


  1. Mata Traders – Mata Traders design mixes old-fashioned processes with fashion-forward silhouettes and color palettes. Most Mata fabrics are made using craft traditions such as hand loom weaving and hand block printing. Mata clothing and jewellery are handmade by members of fair trade women’s cooperatives and artisan groups in India and Nepal, and their work is a way out of poverty and a better future for their children. Mata means ‘mother’ in Hindi, and their fashion is a tribute to the female shakti power in all of us.


  1. Ruaab – Ruaab-Sewa Artisans Producer Company Ltd was established to support women embellishment homeworkers in New Delhi. The company collects orders from export houses for large brands and distributes the orders, works with designers abroad as direct exporters, and has its own line. Ruaab ensures the women get better wages by eliminating middlemen and banishing child labour. Ruuab wants become a self-sustainable enterprise – owned, managed and operated by the women themselves.


  1. Mehera Shaw – Mehera Shaw, based in India, specialises in high-end garment production for the women’s and children’s markets, using woven in natural fibres and certified organic cotton as well as stitching techniques such as pleating, pin tucking, quilting. Mehera Shaw also offers hand block and screen printing, pattern making, grading, sampling, fabric sourcing, small-batch production and export shipping.


  1. Pochampally Handloom weavers’ co-operative society Ltd. – Pochampally Handloom weavers co-operative society Ltd. was established in the year 1955.The Turnover of this society is about 2.5 crores per annum. This society is located in Pochampally, Nalgonda(Dt), Andhra Pradesh. It operates at state level. Their products are Pochampally Silk Sarees, Dress material. They sell their products all over India. And also got few Awards and Rewards to this society. The Pochampally Ikat sarees have a good market in India and abroad because the weavers use modern synthetic colours and create exclusive designs that are typical of the saree tradition.


  1. Animaná – Animaná is an Andean garment manufacturer who works with local communities and use natural fibres and dyes. The company aims to facilitate links between suppliers and buyers to help keep ancient skills and craftsmanship alive in Patagonia and the Andes. Their most recent collection by Dominique Peclers is designed to give an alternative to the cosmopolitan consumer, uniting slow fashion and Pantagonian pure fibres.


  1. Eternal Creation– Fair trade label Eternal Creation works in the Himalayas with Tibetan refugees and Indian artisans. The company produces tailored fashion for men, women and children. Employing over 70 staff that includes Tibetan, Nepali and Indian cultures, Eternal Creation’s cooperatives encompass Buddhist, Hindu and Muslim faiths and work to improve livelihoods across many areas.


  1. GChandmade – GChandmade produces high quality hand-spun and hand-woven cashmere, and hand-woven linen and vegetable dyed scarves in Nepal. Established to provide the Western markets with beautiful timeless and handmade scarves, GChandmade, works with small groups of artisans in Nepal who use their traditional skills to earn an income.


  1. Lebenskleidung – Lebenskleidung are a Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified Textile Agency from Berlin, Germany. They specialize in environmentally sound and fairly produced organic cotton and silk fabrics. In addition, they manufacture certified fashion collections for their customers in partnership with manufacturing partners in India and Turkey. Lebenskleidung organize regular collective fabric orders, which suit the needs of their customers and organize collective material procurements. They also give young designers, easy and inexpensive small sample quantities of organic materials to try out. Their task is bringing people with the same material needs together whilst incorporating the wishes of the designers into their portfolio planning.


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