Asian Heritage Foundation’s Lotus Bazaar – Delhi

Installation of world maps created with hands
Installation of world maps created with hands


The Lotus Bazaar is the South Asian version of the Asian Heritage Foundation’s [AHF] flagship market development package. It is conceived for deserving artisans, Cooperatives, cultural enterprises, designers and micro credit organization’s design led initiatives to narrate their stories of achievements and future aspirations through an evocative scenographic experience.

The Lotus, a prominent symbol of creation and fertility across civilisations, embodies the idea of beauty and resilience from humble beginnings.
Much like the Greek agora, the Lotus Bazaar is a crucible of culture and commerce, a space to meet, create, trade and take refuge. Home to a spirit of enterprise and an entire way of life, there are many things to learn here as notions of work, time, consumption & solidarity are realigned to deal with the pressures of the twenty-first century.
This is a market facilitation package that brings contextual, design-driven services to bear on cultural enterprise. Presenting traditional crafts to a competitive global market of fair-trade and museum shops, it highlights the pioneering craft and versatile craftsmanship of Asia.

The bazaar is conceived to act as the crucible of culture and commerce, a space to believe, buy and belong. The Bazaar host selected few from 9 South Asian countries. The merchandise display is the collective expression of diverse cultural enterprises from all over South Asia, organized to combat illiteracy, unemployment, gender inequality, natural calamities and conflict.

The Beginning

The AHF has previously organized “lotus bazaar” in Washington DC’s Mall as part of the Silk Route festival, in Barcelona as part of the “Forum of Culture”, at India Gate in Delhi as part of Festival of Federalism”.


The inauguration of Lotus Bazaar by World Bank president Mr. and Mrs. James D. Wolfensohn in the lawns of the Freer & Sackler galleries by the National Mall of Washington DC.

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Lotus Bazaar continues at Barcelona


Tree of Life installation in Universal Forum Cultural, Barcelona

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What’s new


The 2015 Lotus Bazaar will be held from 28 March to 31 March 2015 at Delhi. ”Celebration of time honored skills of South Asia as the means of conflict resolution” is the theme for 2015 Lotus Bazaar.


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