Hi, I am Pranav and this is a good green day !

Social is the new paradigm. The mobile phone connected to the internet is rapidly integrating the world population into one fabric. As a consumer, each one of us is starting to recognize the ramifications of our choices. We are voting with our wallets and though the Conscientious Consumer Movement is not mainstream, it has gathered sufficient momentum to be recognized as a Gamechanger.


Green Businesses driven by committed individuals have long struggled to permeate the consciousness of the average consumer. On the flip side, Consumers have long waited to connect with businesses and brands that offer trustworthy natural products and services. It is this struggle that has given birth to a new kind of collective :

The Green People of India – An initiative by Eco,Ethical, Sustainable, FairTrade Enterprises.

The Social way of doing business lends itself beautifully to TGPI as at the very essence of TGPI is enabling conversations.

The Founding Team of TGPI :


The Vision of The Green People is

 To Promote Eco-enterprises and Sustainable Development in India

To you, TGPI stands for a collective brand that will champion his/her beliefs, aspirations, and sustainable businesses. Todate, TGPI has organized 2 Green Festivals along with a host of Pop-Up Shows in its efforts to create conversations around Green Businesses.


As TGPI expands in membership and scope of operations, we look forward to present better choices to the consumer. We also seek out connects to like minded individuals and organizations to leverage the Network Effect.

Green is Good.

Come visit us at http://www.thegreenpeople.in .


Pranav is a noob at wordpress but an old hand at apparels. With his newly rediscovered green roots, he is making friends with all sorts of crazy people who are painting the world green.



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